New and Improved All Slots Android App!

All Slots Android App

All Slots Casino is proud to announce that our Android App has been upgraded with features that will enhance your gaming experience. Now with quicker start-up times, faster game downloads and improved stability on the Chrome web browser! Updating the app is quick and simple: just log in to All Slots App and follow update process. You’ll be ready for action in no time.

Instagram Casino Poems

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Instagram poem slot machine gamblingThe All Slots Casino Blog is proud to announce that we have opened up an Instagram channel from which we will be sending casino poems. We are expanding our team of poets and churning out content at a firm and steady pace.  This Poem by The Mumbling Gambler:

My favorite song is the winning chime from a slot machine

Poetry on Instagram seemed like a natural combination, as we saw all our competition mainly offering some kind of banners or boring offers. BLAH!
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All Slots has gone wild!

All Slots Casino Safari Adventure

The Casino Safari Adventure is well underway. Players are eagerly contending to get to the top as we wrap up this intense promotion. A luxurious, all-inclusive, excursion for two at The Palace of the Lost City Hotel at Sun City Resort has already been awarded to 6 lucky players. Not to mention the players who have shared in the $25,000 prize pool each week! There are still two draws left. More winners will be chosen to indulge in full hotel accommodations, an African Safari, fine dining – in addition to bundles of cash prizes. The competition is fierce. Go Wild wagering now, start collecting your tickets and be a part of the adventure!

Casino Bonuses: Pros & Cons

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Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

All Slots is one of the top casinos in handing out bonuses. It starts you off with a Welcome Package containing $ 1600 in bonuses, and it continues awarding bonuses by means of various promotions that it runs every month. And at each stage, you – the consumer – must decide whether to opt-in and take the bonus or to skip it and go without.

Pros of Casino Bonuses:

On the Pro side, the reasons for taking a bonus seem obvious. Accepting the bonus gives you more money to gamble with, and that gives you more Cat loosing out on some online casino tuna cans because of casino bonus ruleschances to win real-money jackpots. And winning jackpots, after all, is probably one of your main goals in joining an online casino in the first place.

Cons of Casino Bonuses:

But there is also a Con side. Your bonus money is technically yours, but it is not 100% yours free-and-clear. It comes with various strings attached, also known as Terms & Conditions, the most important of which is the Play-Through Requirement. The Play-Through Requirement states that, before you can withdraw your bonus money, you must use it to wager on the online casino games a certain number of times, which varies depending on which game you choose to play.

What are your options with casino bonuses?

In the final analysis, it’s up to you. If you want the most money to gamble with in your casino account, then take the bonus when it’s offered. If you want your online casino life to be clear and simple and unentangled by messy strings, then opt out of the bonus and just wager with your own money. Opt In or Opt Out: the choice is yours.


Bonuses are great if you came to play and have fun at some online casino, BUT that bonus money comes with strings attached and you will have to give back for that bonus once you win big. How much you’ll have to “give back” from your winnings is what makes some casino bonuses much more valuable than others.

Breaking News – All Slots App now in Windows Store!

All Slots App in Windows Store

Get the native experience in the All Slots Casino App. You’ll enjoy the All Slots App with a smooth user experience, complete safety and security of the app, superb sound and graphics effects, 40+ of All Slots most popular games and much more! Join now by installing the app on your device through your Windows Store today!

Casino War Propaganda Project

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Casino War Illustrations

Casino War is a classic card game that nearly everyone has played as a kid, in which you split the deck of cards with your opponent, and then draw one card at a time from the top of your pile. The higher ranking card is always the winner. In the event that two cards of the same rank are drawn at the same time, the players put down 3 cards face down, and draw a 4th card, of which the rank determines who wins all 8 cards. The game goes on until one person ends up with the entire deck of cards.

Casino War Needs You Propaganda Poster


The casino version of this game, Casino War, is basically the exact same game, but with the excitement of gambling combined with the experience. Makes it a bit more exciting, but maintains that familiar feel of a game you played as a kid.

All Slots Casino Blog has started an interesting art project to promote the Casino War game on All Slots Casino.  We hired out a plethora of artists to create their own renderings of how the game of casino war plays out in their minds. The submissions included animé, classic comic style illustrations, post-WW2 propaganda and communist propaganda styles.

Illustrators and Artist who are interested in (paid) participation, please read this PDF for more information

Overall the response has been very interesting and we would like to share these images with our blog readers.Read more