Almost Unlimited Game Variety at All Slots

All Slots games variety

On of the many reasons gamers from all over the world come to All Slots is because of the many game types we feature.  There are obvious categories: slots, table games, progressive games, casual games, and video poker.  Within each grouping is a wide range of game types.

For the most part, the slots at All Slots are five reel video slots.  Some have as many as 243 ways to win!  Slots games types can also be categorized by themes.  The number of themes is limited only by the imagination of the great creative people at Microgaming whose imagination, in our experience, is unlimited!  Slots can also be rated by their “extras”: multipliers, cascading paylines, gamble feature, free spins, stacked reels, and more.  Many of the slots at All Slots have been adapted from television and movies.  Jurassic Park, Dark Knight, and Game of Thrones are three examples.

The term “table games” covers a great deal of gaming ground.  It features blackjack in over 40 variations, baccarat, craps, roulette, poker and some games you may not yet have played such as Sic Bo and Red Dog.  It is the many unusual games that sets All Slots apart.  When you peruse the table games listing, you’ll see many games that catch your attention.

Video poker represents one of the fastest growing games types at All Slots.  We have over 40 varieties of video slots.  This game has become extraordinarily popular because it offers poker fun without bluffs and has the highest payout rate of any game.

All Slots has 16 games with jackpots that grow: hence the term progressive jackpots.  The jackpots grow skyward quickly because they draw from the enormous Microgaming network, spanning the globe and including millions of satisfied players.  Most of these jackpots are slots games with the biggest jackpot in Mega Moolah, starting at fully $1,000,000; there are also progressive jackpots in blackjack, roulette, and bingo.

Casual games are designed as a diversion from a diversion.  Online gaming is meant as a diversion from the pressures of everyday life.  All Slots maintains a large range of game types because gamers come in an infinite number of “gamer types” so we try to accommodate everyone!  Casual games are simply meant to return us to our childhood a bit with games like bingo.

In contrast to the casual games is the Live Casino where you can play blackjack, poker, roulette, or baccarat in a live setting with a dealer with whom you may interact.

All in all, with hundreds of games in many game types categories, you can enjoy many years of gaming pleasure here at All Slots.