“Best-Of” Instagram Casino Poems

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Some of our top “Instagram Poems” about casino topics on our Gambling Poets Society Instagram Channel:

“We’ve attempted to do something different with this channel,” said one of the casino managers who asked we don’t use his name. “We have made an attempt to identify with common emotional experiences that casino players feel when gambling, both the good, and the bad, and placed them in a typewriter style font over faded stock photos which allow us to…” he gestured with his finger, “one sec” as a pit boss whispered something in his ear. A few seconds of whispering and then he excused himself, walking away in a urgent fashion.

“Most casino’s just want to try to push some kind of bonus-offer on social media, and users are like ‘whats this now?’ and keep scrolling. I think it is great that this casino blog decided to reach out to people and be more ‘real’ – you know?” – Waitress that was waiting for her shift to start

Here are some of the top Instagram Casino Poems from the past month:

Ode to Roulette Balls = Casino Poem

Roulette poem instagram casino words

Instagram casino poem about not focusing too much on the Roulette ball at the price of being dizzy, in more ways than one.


Moon Poem about the finer details in life

Instagram casino poem moon

Poem in a very faint font in one of the the craters on the moon, about how you have to inspect the details to find the “good stuff”


Sometimes we even mix our casino mazes with poems, sort of

This maze is of spinning roulette wheel has some simple observations about investing vs casino games.


Casino Poem about talking to yourself, arguing with the GPS lady, and yelling at a slot machine

GPS talking to yourself slot machine abuse poem

I think it is safe to say that everyone talks to their GPS at one point or another, but that is not all this poem is about


Weather You Win Or Lose Poem – Does your brain hurt?

Casino poem about the weather

Weather poem at last? Or is it about winning and losing? My head hurts


Yet another casino maze with wisdom upon it.

Another one fresh off our Instagram page. Casino maze of the lucky casino maze winning, with some sage advice about making your own luck, but don’t count too much on that luck.


And remember, sharing is caring

instagram casino poem about generosity

Casino Poem about generosity and being generous to everyone like you have just won a big casino jackpot.


Maze poem about how good hair is good luck

Maze of good hair lucky charm

Maze poetry about good hair being the best sort of lucky charm that there is