Beyond the Slots Games at All Slots Online

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Beyond the Slots Games at All Slots Online

It’s well known that All Slots Casino is the industry leader in slots games, with hundreds of titles of all types and styles. Poker, blackjack, and Roulette also get their fair share of attention. But what gets lost in the excitement is that All Slots online also has a huge number of other games, all of which have the same quality and excitement.

If you’re a fan of variety at the casino, All Slots has what you want, including:

  • Keno –  Pick up to 15 numbers and see how many match with the numbers drawn at random. This quick-fire game is like a lottery at high speed and a lot more fun.
  • Wheel of Riches – Inspired by roulette but made for the digital age, the game features a wheel with numbers, like roulette, but with two additional spaces for special bonuses. Imagine roulette with free spins or multiplier.
  • Super Bonus Bingo – There is more to Bingo than meets the eye when you play the Super Bonus version. Look for hidden baskets, a chance for bonus balls, and even a turbo setting to speed up the action.

There are many other games available as well. What they have in common is an emphasis on fun over classic form. Just like slots has evolved from its original form as a three reel slots to the five reel digital dynamo that has come to rule the online casino, the other games have taken full advantage of the digital format to deliver a more satisfying playing experience.

So next time you’re at the online casino, don’t forget to check out the other games, the ones that reach deeper into the playlist than slots, cards, and roulette. You might be pleasantly surprised how engaging those games can be.