Casino Bonuses: Pros & Cons

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Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

All Slots is one of the top casinos in handing out bonuses. It starts you off with a Welcome Package containing $ 1600 in bonuses, and it continues awarding bonuses by means of various promotions that it runs every month. And at each stage, you – the consumer – must decide whether to opt-in and take the bonus or to skip it and go without.

Pros of Casino Bonuses:

On the Pro side, the reasons for taking a bonus seem obvious. Accepting the bonus gives you more money to gamble with, and that gives you more Cat loosing out on some online casino tuna cans because of casino bonus ruleschances to win real-money jackpots. And winning jackpots, after all, is probably one of your main goals in joining an online casino in the first place.

Cons of Casino Bonuses:

But there is also a Con side. Your bonus money is technically yours, but it is not 100% yours free-and-clear. It comes with various strings attached, also known as Terms & Conditions, the most important of which is the Play-Through Requirement. The Play-Through Requirement states that, before you can withdraw your bonus money, you must use it to wager on the online casino games a certain number of times, which varies depending on which game you choose to play.

What are your options with casino bonuses?

In the final analysis, it’s up to you. If you want the most money to gamble with in your casino account, then take the bonus when it’s offered. If you want your online casino life to be clear and simple and unentangled by messy strings, then opt out of the bonus and just wager with your own money. Opt In or Opt Out: the choice is yours.


Bonuses are great if you came to play and have fun at some online casino, BUT that bonus money comes with strings attached and you will have to give back for that bonus once you win big. How much you’ll have to “give back” from your winnings is what makes some casino bonuses much more valuable than others.