Casino Cats – Because internetz

BUT WHY CATS ON A CASINO BLOG? Because. It's the internetz!

Collection of funny cat pics for our casino blog

According to our extensive research, we have concluded that in order to be in any internet space and to have good traction in that space, it is important that you somehow incorporate cats into that whole business.

Kitten sleeping soundly with paws raised in the air above his head, looking like he is surrendering ,which he sort of is.

cat is sleeping with hands at surrender

Cat with hand up as if to surrender, sounds like probable claws


 Kitten and Puma contrasting the vast difference between freshman and seniors.

Freshman VS Senior black kitten cat and PUMA on casino blog cats page

This pretty much sums up the universal experience of institutions that impose such labels 🙂




Weekends explained using cats:

weekend plans VS actual weekend

Plans for the weekend VS Actual Weekend : Explained by cats

We all been there. We make big plans for the weekend, but then just end up passing out on the couch. Hey, it is your weekend, you can do whatever you want with it.


The cat that is on a diet but this is after all a special occasion:

I really shouldn't but it is dessert cat at table

Fancy cat knows how to be polite at the table, and refusing dessert might come off as rude.


PSA: Cat will no longer be licking self for showers and will need the bathroom at the hours posted!

casino cat making some changes regarding bathing around here

“Also, we need to talk about my meals and milk privileges. The way things are must simply stop, hooomin”


Kittens ready for the great outdoors

Kittens in yellow boots

How do you two kittens plan on coordinate taking steps?


The Super Bored Cat

super bored casino cat on our casino blog

Funny cat splattered on the couch with a claim on being bored. VERY BORED