The results are in – Casino Challenge 2016!

The results are in – Casino Challenge 2016!

All Slots Casino hosted some hot summer excitement this August with Casino Challenge 2016! The competition was fierce, with players spinning in top form to collect as many Medal Points as possible.

Participants wagered to collect Medal Points in order to reach their personal goals which were set in the Casino Challenge Panel. Each goal met was rewarded with a medal – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – which players could redeem to collect prizes of free spins!

Overall, 250,000 Free Spins were given away to our competitors! Here’s a breakdown of the scores:

Medal Type Percentage of Participants
Bronze 59%
Silver 25%
Gold 16%

As the summer draws to a close, we are celebrating success with our medal winners. Everyone played like champions during this three week-long event. Congratulations to all of the challengers!