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Dessert with a horse with no name

been to the dessert with a horse with no name pun poem

That is dessert and those wooden horses, NO NAMES



Wallpaper Hobby Poem

Hipster Hobbies Poem

Casino Cilantro talks about her strange hobbies



Fashionably Poetic

Fashion poetry by Casino Cilantro

Casino Cilantro poem about how fashion is good when it hurts people’s eyes



Fashion’s Purpose Poem

Purpose of fashion woman in red dress

What is the purpose of fashion if not that



Nothing cooler than absolute zero


This joke is physically hilarious



Calling BS on inspirational posters

Anything can sound inspirational with the right font

Inspirational quote taking the roast all other inspirational quotes, and pointing out the importance of font and background image.



Poem? More like rant against customer service

Customer Service Casino Poem

Casino Cilantro rants her mouth off about bad customer service practices



The secret to a good run

Casino poem about running

Casino poem by Casino Cilantro about the secrets for good running.



Ode to the Pessimists

Instagram casino poem for the pessimists

To all of us that turned into bitter, angry people, this one is for you.



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