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Casino War Illustrations

Casino War is a classic card game that nearly everyone has played as a kid, in which you split the deck of cards with your opponent, and then draw one card at a time from the top of your pile. The higher ranking card is always the winner. In the event that two cards of the same rank are drawn at the same time, the players put down 3 cards face down, and draw a 4th card, of which the rank determines who wins all 8 cards. The game goes on until one person ends up with the entire deck of cards.

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The casino version of this game, Casino War, is basically the exact same game, but with the excitement of gambling combined with the experience. Makes it a bit more exciting, but maintains that familiar feel of a game you played as a kid.

All Slots Casino Blog has started an interesting art project to promote the Casino War game on All Slots Casino.  We hired out a plethora of artists to create their own renderings of how the game of casino war plays out in their minds. The submissions included animé, classic comic style illustrations, post-WW2 propaganda and communist propaganda styles.

Illustrators and Artist who are interested in (paid) participation, please read this PDF for more information

Overall the response has been very interesting and we would like to share these images with our blog readers.

Couple of Things about the artworks:

  • Click on the images to view them in FULL SIZE.
  • Roll over the images for Artist Info.
  • Feel free to share these on social media.


Casino War
Six-of-Clubs Mech Robot   VS
King-of-Diamonds Ghoul with Electric Nunchucks

Microgaming Casino War Jon Talyor King of Diamonds VS Six of Clubs

The fearless ghoul The King of Diamonds, sports a pair of electrifying nunchucks in an ultimate battle with the 6 of Clubs, a mech robot ready to attack


Casino War
Queen-of-Hearts – Vintage Female Fighter Pilot

Queen of Hearts Casino War Pilot Girl

This ace pilot is the Queen of Hearts, a 1940’s style art. Female pilot with her card up her sleeve.


Casino War Communist Propaganda
Four-of-Clubs and Comrades

socialist communist propaganda Casino War 4 of clubs

Casino War Classic Socialist Propaganda – from 70 years ago.


Casino War Fencing
Five-of-Clubs VS Eight-of-Hearts

Casino war fencing 5 of clubs VS 8 of hearts

Gentleman’s Casino War – Two low ranking cards square off in a fencing duel, with protective gear.


Casino War Animé
Queen-of-Clubs VS Queen-of-Hearts

Casino War Anime fight of Queen of Clubs VS Queen of Hearts

Anime style art of Queen-of-Hearts VS Queen-of-Clubs


Casino Cold War
Ace missiles at the ready as a last resort.

Casino War Ace Missiles

Casino War Second Strike Capabilities and First Strike Deterrence ACE missiles


Casino War Battle Preparations
Knights of Casino War Duke it out in full armor


Knights of Casino War

The Knights of Casino War battle it out in a good show of swordsmanship with the Ten of Diamonds serving a pounding to the Four of Spades.




We hope you have enjoyed this week’s Casino War Propaganda

Check back next week for new artworks.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our online casino and try playing casino war.

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