The beautiful game – with beautiful prizes!


Continuing the momentum from the Wimbledon bet refunds, AllYouBet is running a prize draw this July (1st-24th) with a very Latin flavor to celebrate Copa America 2011. For those of you who don’t follow Latin American and South American soccer (or football as they call it), Copa America is an international tournament featuring national teams… Read more »

New Games!


This month we released one new slot game: Riviera Riches. The game has a Godlen Age Hollywood theme styled on the Fabulous 50s, very upscale and quite dashing, if I may say so myself. Now, before I speak it’s praises, I want to share something with you. Our last new games release in June was… Read more »

Canada Day


It’s nice when Canada day falls on a Friday. I really needed the break, and I’m sure you did too. (Last year I recall it fell on a Thursday, and I took Friday off anyway and made it an even longer weekend). Even though we just had one, I wouldn’t mind another day of BBQ… Read more »

Dad’s #1


Did you know that over 60 countries celebrate Father’s Day this weekend? At least 47 other countries celebrate Father’s Day at a different time of year, but I’m sure we can all agree that it’s nice to take a moment to honor the important men in our lives. Are you a dad and doing something… Read more »

The Race for the Cup is On!


Following a spectacular showing this season by the Vancouver Canucks, with some incredible play by Luongo, it looks like the Stanley Cup has a chance to come back home to the Great White North for the first time since the Habs won in ’93! Think they’ll beat the Boston Bruins to win their first title?… Read more »