Did Santa bring what you wanted?

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You can be honest with me. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? Or did Santa drop the ball this year? Tell me your Christmas gift stories – the good, the bad and the ugly.




I had the saddest, most pathetic Christmas I have ever had. I spent the entire day alone. My daughter was at her dads this year and I got 2 merry xmas Itexts one from my sis one from mom. No calls. I had a baked potato with margarine for supper and I had to work which I do from home also. Thats it. No gifts or cards.

I had the same thing!!!Spent alone, went to work, and was ..well...Merry Christmas to you Caty!!!


j ai eu noel comme d habitude ni bon ni mauvais pas plus pas moin

I was spoiled by Santa this year...I got the tablet that I wanted, some good headphones, and a nice win from Immortal Romance just before the holidays. It made for q very nice Christmas!

And you really wanna know huh, argue all day, wrap santa gift's so last minute, and the list goes on..... Thinking I give someone U-Kash expect something back .." But No" Not even a T/Y nor even a Merry Christmas.. And so thhinking a cpl of free spin's would be awesome or wouldn't you think :)

normal day for me,,,,since i am alone, i was for xmas also made me a tasty dinner with wine and watched xmas movies,

It was a great Christmas for a change. It's been a tough year, lost my job and my dad almost died from a routine surgery a few months ago but is ok now and was able to spend Christmas with us. I got engaged at Christmas to a wonderful man. So with all the good things that happened over Christams Santa must have thought I deserved a little bit of cheer. It was a great Christmas!

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