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With the surge in popularity of paranormal romantic dramas like True Blood and Twilight, we recently launched a completely unique slot game called Immortal Romance.


I'm interested to hear what you think about this game. Are you into the whole vampire craze? Or does the theme not matter as much as the bonus features and payouts? Write a review and share your thoughts!



I like the game , its in the style of thunderstruck 2
i think its a pitty that the future to stop the reels yourself is onthere.
also i like the thuntherstruck2 more because the bonus shows more onthere.
for the rest is it a nice game with the achievements , thats what make people play them to see what happen if you got all of the achievements.
i hope they will make more like these games!!

the first time I played it I got a pretty good hit but it has slowed down significantly. I do enjoy the bonuses. It's an ok game.

I like the game. I like it more when I win. :)

I find the game to to be quite enjoyable. The theme is based on all the craze of vampires. It has great graphics, and bonus. I love the music with each bonus spin..

I am a BIG fan of Thunderstruck 2, so it's no surpirse that I absolutely love Immortal Romance. There's such a variety of bonus features and the Wild Desire feature is a nice win almost every time. Definately two thumbs waaaaaay up!

Are you kidding me. The casino only brings out new games every so often and/or claims an old game is a new game. So I was very excited to see this game was on the horizon. Anxiously I await for it's arrival on Dec 4th. Jump right on my 2 favorites and open up Immortal Romance (gotta love the multi play feature). I read the payout, and it looked only too familiar. Started playing, got the bonus and's Thunderstruck 2 in disguise as a new game. What a disappointment. I've played it through on free play and even with the achievements and collecting enough bonuses to go gold, there was little differnce.
On a good note, the song that accompanies the first feature (10 free spins 5 times pay) is great. Caught myself signing it a few times.
Well there you go...It's not that the game isn't okay, it's just that it is almost a carbon copy of another. Let's see something new...

the game is ok but more you play more you loose you win then you loose double and the bonus those not come often but i like the game overall

I like the game, just it take along time to get a bonus, like any other game.
I would like more of these games.47HdF

not a bad game same as thunderstruck 2 but I find it takes longer to get bonuses on immortal I did give it a good try tho but still rather play thunderstuck 2 more bonuses and free spin option than on immortal never got the free spin always got 2 bonus but all in all not a bad game.

I enjoyed it alot. I like the bonus round as after you worked your way up you can have a choice of one of the three options. It keeps it a little more interesting. It kept my attention for longer than most games.

The game is ok but I agree with the other posted reviews, it's another Thunderstruck in disguise. The bonus are far and few in between, mind you since October all games on the site seem to have been made harder to win anything at all or only lets you reach a set amount of winnings then takes it all back no matter which game you play. I will be leaving the site due to the high set number you have before a player can cash out. I have to reach $300.00 before I can cash out, that is very unreasonable.

You are now chatting with Monika
Monika: Hi , I'm Monika from the All Slots Casino's Live Chat support, how may I assist you?

Me: hey - i am making a with draw, but iam insecure of some thinks - first off all, is it possibel to cash out to a Mastercard? If not i will make a banktransfer, bu i am not sure what "Holding Branch" is?

Monika: We can not allocate withdrawals to mastercard

Monika: According to the withdrawal policy, withdrawals are allocated to the deposit method if possible

Me: i havent deposit, i was playing on a "10 free bonus" i recivde on the mail

Monika: please select check and fill in the required information

Me: so i cant make a bank transfer?

Monika: According to teh withdrawal policy and since you have not made a deposit yet, the withdrawal will be sent to you by check

Me: okay, in DKK or €?

Monika: A bank transfer is not possible

Monika: Your account is in Danish Korona

Me: ok

Monika: Allow me a moment please

Me: just to make sure, i have 317.95€ on my account?

Monika: at tis time you have 317.95 korona in your account

Monika: As your account is in Korona

Me: there is nothing called korona

Monika: Danish Korona

Monika: Danish Krona

Me: I was chatting with Phillip and he told i will recive my bonus in € - i recived my 10 € bonus, and played i up in 317,95 - so i hope you guys didint change it to Danish Kroner.

Monika: The 10 free is given in accordance with the account currency

Monika: since the account in Danish Krona, so is the bonus you received and your winnings are in the same currency too

Me: well, can you please chek my chat history, i was asking eailer and was told it was in €

Me: It even said so in the card/letter i recived from you, its in £/$/€

Monika: Yes its in accordance with the currency of your account. Your account was credited with 10 Danish Krona since the account you registered is in this currency, all balances are in this currency also

Monika: If you had opened your account in euro then the 10 bonus would be in euro and your balance would be in euro

Monika: You have 317.95 Danish Krona which you can withdraw by check at this time

Me: well then your company and this Phillipe are lies, do you even know who much 10DKK is worth?

Me: I would like to spech with Phillipe

Monika: That agent is not available at this time, this is a free bonus offered to our players in the currency of their account

Me: So you spend money sending a letter all the way to Denmark, make me make an account, play for hours, for a bonus at 1,5€ - i simply don´t beliveve that, i just think you would scam me, this make no sence at all

Me: can you please send me my chat history?

Monika: Sir, since this is a free bonus no scam here i assure you

Monika: It is not technically possible to have a bonus is euro on an account registered in Danish Krona

Monika: You may copy paste the chat into a word document and save it at your convenience


Me: I would like my chat history for the chat i had with phillipe

Monika: This must have been a misunderstanding,however the bonus in your account is in Danish Krona, we can not credit your account with any additional amount since its not eligible for any free bonuses at this time

Me: hmmm, sound very very strange. Do you have a supervisor i can speech with?

Monika: The supervisor approved all my responses to you and is aware of the details of the issue

Monika: you may send an email with any additional comments you may have

Monika: Is there anything else that I can help you with?

Me: just leave lady

Monika: It’s been a pleasure to assist you. Please remember that our Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any question or problem you may have. Goodbye

Game is good lot's of bonuses only problem is the payouts are low probably 1-10 of getting a nice return times that by how many spins to get a bonus Well 3000 spins is kind of costly. I had play for hours
real and practice. If I was lucky enough to get a decent payout it would go down as fast as I got it.
I like the classic games better.
Unless the casino can offer movie nights or resturant or some other gift certificates and other rewards and prizes I am not spending much.
Actually a lot of casinos are offering draws now .
That is sparking an interest.
But come on most of these games it takes hundreds of spins to get a bonus now.

is anyone else having trouble with their transactions being in holding.i am getting worried this casino is a scam.i have money dissapearing and they can't explain why???

Hi Michelle,

In order to sort this out, you will need to contact support and give them your full details(which for obvious reasons we don't advise you to publish here).

Good luck!

David Brickman

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