Withdrawal or not, that is the question at an online casino.

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So you’ve put some money into the slots and had a nice run of luck.  How do you know when it’s time to cash in your chips and take your winnings to the bank or let it ride and press your luck? 


There are a few critical issues when determine to make a withdrawal or not. Firstly,  there is an issue of cash flow. If you intended to play at the casino again within a few days, you might find your money still in transit to your web-wallet. From that perspective it’s best to keep your money in the casino where it’s readily available.  There is also an issue of budget. At All Slots, we encourage players to play within their means. That means determining when it’s time to withdraw your fund beforehand and then sticking to your decisions. Some people might say, if they hit a certain threshold higher of lower than their initial deposit, it’s time to take a break. 



I've only ever made one withdrawal and I can tell you that it was quick, easy and I recieved a cheque in record time. That is why I have stuck with All Slots ONLY, for a long time now, because I had a bad experience with another online casino. I will admit that I have ATTEMPTED other withdrawals, only to wind up reversing them to continue playing :-/

I am wondering when did the processing dept for wothdrawls stop working on Fridays? I have never had a problem flushing my withdrawls on a thurdays night or early friday morning, but this time the Live support said they do not flush withdrawls on weekends. financial dept is closed Friday to Sunday. I tried to flush withdrawl last night (Thursday at approx 11:30pm)
I looked at banking information on site and it still states processing done Monday throu Friday. David can you find out if the financial dept still does processing on Fridays? Thank you!

Hi Angela,

About a month ago, our processors made this decision and the new regulation was put into place. On Monday morning you will be able to withdraw as usual.


David Brickman

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