Fight Club Rematches!

The awesome Fight Club promotion continues through September.  The first round went to Avalon, Hellboy, Thunderstruck II, and Kathmandu.  Quite frankly we were fairly surprised that Avalon beat Tomb Raider by such a huge margin, so if you’re playing Fight Club in September, bear that in mind – there’s little chance of that turning around.
Thunderstruck II destroyed Isis by the largest margin of all – there’s no competing with 243 ways to win on Thunderstruck, even if Isis does offer a massive 600,000 coin jackpot payout.
Hellboy and Hitman were pretty close, though, admittedly, we expected Hitman to assassinate his demonic opponent.  This one is still open for a second round, so take your pick, maybe switch it up a little.  Kathmandu and Big Kahuna were also pretty close, so either choice could have you in the money.
Remember, 120 prizes are given away every week at the Fight Club, with double prizes given to the 10 top players on the winning slot .  So get in there and fight!