Gaming tips from an All Slots Casino Partner

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This week we have some great gaming tips for you from our partner, Mobile Casino Party! Read on and let us know which strategies YOU use to come up a winner:

Which Online Casino Games Should I Play to Have the Best Chance of Winning?

This question is really all relative. Which casino games should you play to have the best chance of actually winning? Well that really depends on what you consider a win really, doesn’t it? In most cases, it all comes down the house edges and pay-out percentages that the online casino games have. This determines how much money they give back to the player mathematically, but it is not always the way it pans out.

A little hit for you and a bit of cash for me…

For example, most online slot machine games have pay-out percentages somewhere between 94% and 97%. This is without a doubt, the highest pay-out percentage of any of the slots that you will find in Vegas or Macau. However, you are certainly not guaranteed a jackpot win 94%-97% of the time. Instead, you are guaranteed a win of some kind that will most likely be around that average. More often than not though, the amount you win will actually be worth less than your original stake. It still counts as a win, just not quite the kind you were hoping for. The fact is that they still pay something more often than not for each bet made.

Online scratch cards also follow a rather similar pattern to online slots, when it comes to their pay-out percentages and high amounts of small wins. They will certainly pay-out most of the time, with the average of one in three scratch cards being a winner, although your chances of acquiring a significantly larger win most of the time, are somewhat limited.

Part of the reason both slots and scratchers have become so popular with gamblers is because of the physiological response the human body makes when “winning” and their availability. Even a little feeling of victory, meaning getting back as much as you had originally wagered, can feel a lot like a true win. Add in the convenience of being able to do this on your phone at mobile online casinos like All Slots, and it makes them even more in demand and crowd-pleasing in general. Part of it may be simply getting back to the gamblers paradise filled with good feelings even faster than ever able to before.  These are some of the things that help create that wonderful, happy mood that keeps so many coming back to try again and again, even when the odds are stacked against them.

Maybe not as exciting, but you have a better chance of making money…

Blackjack generally gives the player just under a 50% chance of landing a win if played correctly. However, in blackjack, the minimum pay-out is generally your money back, plus the dealer’s funds. So, at the very least, a win in blackjack is worth double what you have bet. As most players know, wins in blackjack are fairly common, though you aren’t going to land a significantly large win, unlike if you were to pull off the top jackpot in an online slot machine game. Even money is a decent win, and it is better than small slot wins, although you’ve got about a 50-50 chance of pulling it off.

Roulette offers a really wide range of pay-outs. The house edge in roulette is actually quite small, especially if you are playing European Roulette over American Roulette. However, your chances of winning big money here are quite small. You would need to predict the exact number the ball will land on, so you have roughly a 1 in 36 chance of success. Other roulette bets are more profitable though, and players can make decent money out of betting on groups of numbers, often with around a 33% chance of success, and with a fair amount of money returned as prize money.

Is it the best of both worlds?

Video poker though, is far more rewarding for the thrill seekers. If you avoid games that contain a Three of a Kind as the lowest accepted pay-out, meaning you play something like Jacks or Better, you actually have a really good chance of landing even money back. Video poker really allows you to tinker with your hand, giving you more creative freedom in how you set up your chances of winning. At best, you can win many times your stake, with a Royal Flush, although you probably won’t need reminding about the odds of this happening. The overall odd in most types of them exceed that of roulette, and approaches the coveted 51% casino favour making video poker games a high chance of making someone a winner.

In conclusion, there is no one game that is best to play if you want to win, because it really depends on what you consider to be “a win” and what you enjoy playing. If you are just after a win of any kind, then online slots are probably your best choice as they can nickel and dime you to death, or to richness! If you are after even money or better, then table games represent your best chance of acquiring more over a longer period of time. Here are a few more games with decent odds to try as well.

Ultimately, it is all down to you on what constitutes a win in your eyes. No one else can figure out what games are going to be the best for you. Most people start by reading the casino reviews where different gaming companies offer them bonuses to sign up and make their first deposit and gamble to find one they trust and/or like. All we can do is learn more about how games payback and try them first hand, because playing one that you do not like is certainly going to be the first step to losing.