How to change your bet setting?

How to Change Bet Settings

Once you’ve made your decisions about where and how to play, you’ll need to decide whether you’re playing for free in the Free Mode or for Real Money wins in the Real Mode.

To play in the Real Mode, link your preferred ebank to your casino account so you’ll be able to withdraw money and deposit your payouts at your leisure.

Choose your game and now you’re ready to place your bet.  Each game offers you minimum and maximum bets – and you can also determine any level of bet in between these. Minimum bets are one coin which basically gives you no limit gambling entertainment. The machine sets to the minimum bet and from there you can increase your bet.

Ariana game - change bet settingClick the “Bet” box and then the coin size you want to bet:

  • + button to increase your bet
  • – button to decrease your bet

The increase and decrease functions will change your bet in increments so you can keep clicking the sign until you arrive at the bet that you want to place. If you’re playing slots, click “Coins” to select the number of coins that you want to bet. Some machines allow you to place your bet per play while others, such as the slots, allow you to place different bets on each individual payline.

If you want to bet the maximum amount, click “Max Bet” which converts the coin size, number of coins bet and – on a slot machine – the number of paylines enabled,  to the maximum bet.

If you’re unsure as to how to change your bet setting, follow the user-friendly prompts, read the game review, and/or contact the casino support team.