How to Choose a Blackjack Game

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How to Choose a Blackjack Game

This is far from a moot question, especially at a casino like All Slots casino online where there are over 40 variations of this great thinking player’s game.  This of course does not mean that blackjack players don’t also enjoy slots; in fact, most blackjack players love the varied themes in slots as much as they like the varied nuances of the different varieties of blackjack.


All Slots Casino online makes it very easy to learn how to choose a blackjack game.  They want you to know all there is to know about each variation of blackjack they offer.

  • First, All Slots has a very wide-ranging library of tutorials on all their games including the more than 40 variations of blackjack.  These tutorials can help you learn a lot about each game, to whet your appetite to try that variation out or to go to a different blackjack game.  We’ve found that gamers who read tutorials usually try out a game and then decide if they want to play it long-term or not.
  • At All Slots casino online, you can play in free mode as long as you need so you can really get a handle on any nuances that may come up in the course of playing blackjack.
  • All Slots also has many blackjack games in the Gold Series, a set of table games developed by Microgamimg as a way to demonstrate how great computer graphics can be used to enhance the enjoyment of playing casino games online.
  • If you like counting cards, you might choose a multi-hand variation.  The cards get “shuffled’ after every hand has been played but during the hands you get to make calculated decisions to increase your winning chances.
  • There are some blackjack variations with bizarre rules changes such as Double Exposure where you see both of the dealer’s cards!  No doubt, it would take a few practice turns in free play to get to know how that and the concomitant rules changes affect your game play!
  • The more well-known rules also change from game to game.  If you like splitting cards, you might choose a game that allows splitting on any pair or a variation that allows multiple splitting.

Self-help for Great Results

However you enjoy blackjack, there is a variation to your liking at All Slots Casino online.  The best advice to the question of how to choose a blackjack game is to do proper due diligence, to learn the games from the tutorials, and to play each new variation in free play mode before you play it for real money.