How to play keno online

How to play keno online

Keno is similar to bingo.  In bingo you start with a blank slate and fill it as numbers are called.  In keno, you choose up to 10 numbers and hope to fill many of them when the Random Number Generator completes the game.  As such, it’s a game of luck and chance so there’s no strategy per se.  It is easy to learn how to play keno online; so much so that we can establish a few excellent playing guidelines.

  • Play at a reputable online casino such as All Slots, one that is regularly audited and reports the average payout to you.
  • Although you have the option to choose between one and ten numbers, your best chance to win comes about when you choose between four and six numbers.
  • Play low stakes keno.  Of course, if you’re a high roller, you can bet any sum you wish but for most players the chances of hitting all or most of your chosen numbers can only increase by the number of rounds you play.  So, if you’re playing to have a good time and have a bankroll of $x, the lower you bet on each round, the larger number of rounds you can play.

A little elaboration is in order here.  In addition to openly reporting their payout rates, the best online casinos give excellent Welcome Bonuses to new players, run many promotions, tournaments, progressive games, and simply offer a top online gaming experience.  Keno is just one game albeit an extremely exciting one.  We suggest playing at a casino that offers 600 or more extremely exciting games.

Another advantage of playing keno online is that there is no one hard-selling keno tickets.  Unfortunately, many land-based gamers buy keno tickets and have no idea that they’ve won!

After you learn how to play keno online at All Slots, we hope that you follow our recommendation to place low stakes bets.  Keeping bets low allows you to play more games for the elusive big jackpots.  The jackpots are hard to win so the more chances you give yourself to win one, the better off you’ll be.  Given the nearly 100% element of luck, keno is a casino game generally categorized as a parlour game.  All Slots genuinely hopes that your luck is with you when you play keno online. Remember, keno is a game intended to be played strictly for fun.