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Instagram poem slot machine gamblingThe All Slots Casino Blog is proud to announce that we have opened up an Instagram channel from which we will be sending casino poems. We are expanding our team of poets and churning out content at a firm and steady pace.  This Poem by The Mumbling Gambler:

My favorite song is the winning chime from a slot machine

Poetry on Instagram seemed like a natural combination, as we saw all our competition mainly offering some kind of banners or boring offers. BLAH!

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And now one about Roulette and that damn little white ball:

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This Instagram Casino Poem is about Roulette, and how if you follow that little white ball too closely, it may make you dizzy, with the implication being that it will make you dizzy in more ways than one.

” Avoid trying to follow that little white Roulette ball too closely.

It will make you dizzy “

The Rambler Gambler

The background of this poetry is a carefully selected infinite loop spiral with the All Slots Casino logo embedded tastefully at the end of the swirl.