Lots of cashback bonuses and a partridge in a pear tree


Isn’t that how the song goes? It should. Who wants turtledoves, French hens or calling birds anyway? (Though, five golden rings could be nice.) So this Christmas, we’re celebrating by giving away loads of cashback bonuses to our players – whether naughty or nice.

Be sure to keep an eye on ‘My Offers’ inside the casino. With just a click, you can see what bonuses are available to you at any given time, so that you can plan how to take best advantage of them. From My Offers, you can get complete details about all your offers and opt in whenever you’re ready for a boost.

You never know what Santa’s elves will have in store for you. Keep an eye out for offers giving you cashback on EVERY deposit you make. Instead of just one chance to get the maximum bonus, these offers will keep the bonuses coming with every deposit you make during the promotion period, until you’ve reached the maximum bonus total. It’s just one way for us to make sure your Christmas stocking is fully stuffed this month.


Happy Holidays!