Movie Themed Slots: A Theatre of Continuous Action

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Movie Themed Slots: A Theatre of Continuous Action

Microgaming discovered that as the quality of computer graphics, animation, and sound improved it would be possible to adapt a super-hit movie or television series to slots.  The reason is clear: a normal slots game is developed solely on its own merits.  The characters and symbols are entirely the creative product of the developer.  Microgaming releases one or more new slots games every month so they have several creative staffs working to produce slots that their affiliated casinos’ gamers will love playing.

Movie themed slots (which include slots based on television series) have many characters already in place.  It is up to the developer to recreate the characters in as close to their original form as possible.  Gamers would not long play a Terminator slot if the main characters didn’t look like the actors from the movie.

Animation plays a massive role in movie themed slots.  First, actual scenes from the movies can be incorporated into the slots games.  Second, scenes that were taken out of the movie can be put into the slots making it a kind of sequel to the movie.  Third, characteristics of characters or objects from the movies can be added to the slots to enhance their entertainment value.  For example, Gamer of Thrones, a mega-hit slots game, uses flaming eggs and high-flying dinosaurs to further the story which is in any case familiar to almost all gamers.

Finally, sound quality becomes exponentially more important in movie themed slots than it is in regular slots, as important as it is there as well!  The free spins bonus round in Sure Win, a regular slots game, features a great rendition of the lone Ranger’s Theme.  An important element in the long-standing popularity of this particular slots, yes.  But the theme music from Game of Thrones is simply far more important to the attractiveness of that slots game.  It sets the mood at the outset for the entire slots gaming experience.

There are a few fewer movie themed slots at All Slots Mobile Casino than at All Slots for PC but the idea is the same and more so.  The graphics, animation, and sound have improved so much on mobile that mobile gaming is fast becoming more popular than PC gaming.  This means that Microgaming will continue to reformat movie themed slots for mobile in preference to other slots games.

Here is a short list of movie themed slots currently at All Slots Online Casino:

  • Jurassic Park
  • Terminator 2
  • Bridesmaids
  • Game of Thrones
  • Dark Knight Rises
  • Hitman
  • Tomb Raider

As a gamer at All Slots, you’ll encounter many great games in addition to the spectacular movie themed slots games.