Our Contributors

AS Blog Contributors The goal of the All Slots Casino Blog is to keep All Slots Casino players up to date on everything that’s happening in the casino as well as to share whatever general news and ideas happen to be on our minds. These are the contributors to the All Slots Casino Blog:

David Brickman David is the Jackpot Factory Vice President for Player Affairs. The fancy title means that he is the players’ representative to All Slots management, and he makes sure the players are kept informed and that their questions and concerns are answered quickly and correctly.

Marty Duckworth Marty is the sports guy at All Slots Casino. Born and raised in Manchester, he can’t help being a Manchester United fan, but he strives to cover all the sporting events fairly and honestly.

Juliette Andersson Juliette, from Stockholm, is one of the All Slots casino games developers, and she is the one who will discuss all the new games, with explanations of how they work, how to play, and what are their attractions, as they appear in the online casino.