Payout Percentages Explained

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Payout Percentages Explained

Casino payout percentages vary, depending on whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or at an online casino and depending on which game you play. This guide featuring payout percentages explained can help you determine what kinds of payouts to expect from your gambling adventure.

Determining Your Payout

Determining your payouts for any specific game depends on several different factors.

  1. Return to Player — Each game is programmed to pay out a specific percentage of the money that is wagered. This is known as the RPT (Return to Player) or “theoretical payout percentage,” The minimum RTP varies according to law or regional regulations – these RPTs are set by the gaming commissions of various states and territories. The winning patterns on gaming machines are calculated to yield a certain percentage of the money paid to the “house”. The rest is returned to the players during play.

The house edge covers the casino operator’s expenses and its profit margin. The house edge for online casinos is generally about 3% – 4% and can reach 40% – 50% for land-based casinos since those casinos must cover building and staffing costs.

The games, therefore, are set so that over a period of time, a certain percentage will be returned to the player and the rest will go to the casino.

  1. Gaming machines – the RTP of gaming machines is programmed into the machine by the gaming software developer. Regulatory bodies, such as local gaming commissions for land-based casinos and internationally recognized online gaming assurance supervisory bodies for online casinos, audit the machines to ensure that their payouts are in the accepted range.  You can usually find these published at the regulatory body’s online site.  You’ll usually find a link to it at the casino’s site.
  2. Probabilities – the probabilities of achieving wins is determined by a random number generator. The regulatory bodies also monitor these random number generators to ensure fair play. The table of probabilities for any given machine is the game’s paytable. These paytables, take into account the possible payouts and the number of times the payout may occur per play.

Through understanding how payout percentages work you can more accurately determine where and what to play when you gamble at the Allslots casino.