Second Progressive Jackpot in a Week for Australian at All Slots Casino!


It was an incredible week for All Slots Casino player Craig P. of Australia, who won TWO jackpots on the 5-reel progressive video slot game Cash Splash.  On February 3rd he won $57,017 AUD, and on February 10th he won an additional $37,001 AUD on the same game, a tremendous streak of luck that came to him less than a month after joining the casino. 


Cash Splash is a progressive slot game that has both 3-reel and 5-reel versions.  Both offer the opportunity to win large multi-player jackpots, but the 5-reel game is where the really big jackpots are found.  The 5-reel game has 15 paylines and a variety of ways to accumulate points, including Scatters and Wilds.  A player wins the biggest jackpot when five Cash Splash symbols appear on the 15th payline.


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