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I am new to online gaming, what game should I try?

We could spend two weeks discussion this issue and still not get to a conclusion! I always tell people the same thing, find a game which looks entertaining. Maybe it’s the graphics, maybe it’s the free spins stages, maybe it’s just the music, or maybe you prefer a slightly more cerebral game like blackjack? Whatever your choice, make sure you’re enjoying yourself! Of course, winning makes it all the more fun, so if you’re on a machine that’s gone cold, get off while you can.

The beautiful game – with beautiful prizes!

Continuing the momentum from the Wimbledon bet refunds, AllYouBet is running a prize draw this July (1st-24th) with a very Latin flavor to celebrate Copa America 2011.

For those of you who don’t follow Latin American and South American soccer (or football as they call it), Copa America is an international tournament featuring national teams from Mexico to Chile, which is played over the course of a month until Brazil beats Argentina for the Title.

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