Cupid’s targeting you with $100,000 in bonuses!

Casino promotion for Valentine's

How would you like a share of $25,000

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Cupid’s arrows are loaded with bonuses all February long in Cupid’s Target! Play for a share of $25,000 every round in heart-stopping bonus draws, with 4 thrilling chances to win! And you’ll love to get Cupid’s Ticket Booster, which multiplies your tickets higher for each day you play.

Here’s how: For every 50 loyalty points you earn, you get a ticket in the weekly draw. Plus if you play 3 days within a round, we will triple your tickets. If you play 4 days, we’ll quadruple your tickets. And if you play 5, 6 or 7 days, you’ll get the equivalent Cupid’s Ticket Booster and that means you’ll also get up to 7x the chance to win in the big, weekly draw.
Plus if you are spotted playing in the casino between February 7th – 10th, you could also be selected to win Cupid’s romantic getaway for Valentine’s weekend.

For love and money, come in to play to your heart’s delight and win desirable bonuses all February long.