What Does 243 Ways to Win Mean?

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What Does 243 Ways to Win Mean?

Throughout most of slots history, game wins were achieved by lining up combinations on activated paylines. The player would activate the paylines that he wanted to enable with a bet before his spin and the combinations that appeared on those paylines would deliver a payout.

This system worked well but there were always players who were frustrated because the paylines that they activated weren’t always the ones on which the completed combinations occurred.  They were winning combinations showing but they may be on a payline that the player had not activated – meaning, he couldn’t collect on the win.

New System

Recently, game developers at the All Slots casino came up with a new system. They called it “243 Ways to Win” because, in a 243 Ways to Win game there are 243 Ways to Win on every spin. So what does 243 Ways to Win Mean? 

In a 243 Ways to Win game, you place your bet on the spin, not on individual paylines. So all of the pay ways are permanently enabled.

  • Three matching symbols (or two matching symbols plus the game’s Wild) on a pay way.
  • The symbols must occur on the same pay way, on consecutive reels
  • The first symbol must occur on the left-most reel.
  • Your win depends on the number of coins, and the coin size, that you bet

Mathematicians have calculated that there are 243 Ways to Win on every spin in a 243 Ways to Win game. Read up for more information about what does 243 Ways to Win Mean and how to optimize this game feature for a more fun-filled, rewarding, and WINNING slots adventure.