What is Casino Poetry?


Poetry is one of those things that has an ambiguous border sitting along the transition line into becoming poetry, or what is considered just words. To make matters even worse, there is no central authority or definitive work that helps to “call it” when a poem come too close to that line. Poetry is defined by the reader, who is the only one that has the final saw in which it is decided, poetry, or just writing? Words that rhyme used to be how poems were defined, but with the expanded audience that being online has created, poetry has come to be defined by anything that talks to the heart, memories and uses emotion rather than description to get a point across. Emotions are tricky things, and defining what constitutes as poetry becomes difficult when the emotion is more mundane, more blasé. It comes down to two things: What the writer intended the work to be, and at least one reader who agrees with it. Casino Poetry falls into the ambiguous category, as none of the words need to rhyme, but there is emotional information being conveyed and the reader knows this

“Instagram” Casino Poetry:



Casino poem about “old-timers”

Casino poem about old timers

Casino poem about the splendours of being an old timer and out foxing those young peoples.



The things you can’t see

casino poetry about what you cannot see

Casino poem of a man in a hat hidden in the shadows as you play cards with him.



No Driving Off Into The Sunset

Casino poem about driving off into the sunset by Casino Cilantro

Casino Cilantro Poem about “Driving off into the sunset” and the dangers it poses. – She is making fun of something, I am sure of it.



Magicians not good card players

Casino instagram poem about how magicians don't play cards well

You have to wonder, “Why is that?” – They do handle cards well, after all, or at least they want you to thing they do.



Teeth and Personality

Casino Cilantro poem brush your teeth and don't be an asshole

Casino Cilantro Poem in a psychedelic sunset clip art image



Details, details, DETAILS.

casino poem about an eye for details

In Short: This poem is not really a poem but a warning about keeping an eye out for details



2nd Best Bluffing Strategy

Bluffing by not knowing the game casino poem

Bluffing is actually more useful than you might thing, but it only works a certain amount of times before someone catches on and uses your bluffing against you. The key is not indicating your bluff, and not knowing the rules works only works for 2 or 3 hands.





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Personalizing your betting

Casino poetry about choosing your favorite color to bet on, not anything else to scientific

Doesn’t increase or decrease your chances in anyway so might as well go with the color you like best.



Not so motivational quote

Inspirational Quote shared by a not so successful friend

Casino Cilantro spits out another one with a mocking tone to all those who share inspirational quotes

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